UWMS-05 is an LTE version of SmartModem. Unlike generic M2M wireless modems/gateways, UWMS-05 was designed and developed specially for wireless service providers. For example, its easy device registration, network diagnostic monitoring and throughput measurement are to be found in no other M2M modems but in the UWMS-05. However, all these special features are useless if the modem loses connectivity. UWMS-05’s unparalleled reliability with SMS wake-up function will save users from unnecessary site visits and dormant modems. Reliability and Intelligence are the two main pillars of the UWMS-05.


– Multiple (4) Ethernet Ports

– Higher Data Throughput using LTE Module

– Automatic failover 3G/4G

– Support Network Address Translation (NAT) and IP Pass-through Mode

– Virtual Private Network (VPN) Capability

– Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

– System Reboot via SMS

– Easy to use Web-Based GUI

– Small Footprint