UMWS-06 (SmartProbe)

UWMS-06 (SmartProbe) Features

1. Diagnostic Functionality

The UWMS-06 works as a network diagnostic monitoring tool by collecting data in real-time and measuring mobile-based RF performance. Network parameters such as RSSI, RSRP, SINR and Cell ID can be easily measured, collected, and reported automatically and remotely.

2. Multiple Band Capabilities

The Smart Probe can automatically cycle through all available bands to select the strongest signal as well as run diagnostics and automatically send scheduled “End User Experience” reports with essential data that can be used for analysis.

3. Throughput Measurement

The UWMS-06 is designed to measure the throughput of the connected network with a unique auto-scheduling option that allows the UWMS-06 to record, store locally, display, and even email the graphical network performance reports at user selected intervals. This will assist in verifying and maintaining DAS and repeater performance.

4. Management Protocol

Supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) v2c/v3 & HTTP/HTTPS. Additionally, up to four (4) physical network devices can be connected, and with an external HUB, you can connect, monitor, and control up to 36 devices since with an external hub using NAT and Port Forwarding.

5. Reset via SMS

When connectivity cannot be established with the modem, the UWMS-06 can be remotely reset via an SMS text message, eliminating the need to send a technician to site!

6. Heartbeat Alarm Generation

From the NOC’s standpoint, the lack of alarms does not always indicate that a modem is properly functioning. For example, if the modem is dead, it won’t send an alarm at all! The UWMS-06, however, provides it’s own heartbeat and sends them to the NOC providing service assurance that the modem is functioning and will be there when it is needed.

7. Small Footprint

The UWMS-05 is extremely compact at 4.6” x 3.5” x 1.2” and 8.8 ounces.