Is CPRI All Greek To you?

With C-RAN architecture, the BBUs and RRHs are connected through an optical distrbution using CPRI. Furthemore, our industry is experiencing the emergence of DAS head ends and host units which interface with the base station directly using CPRI which bypasses traditional RF interface all together. Without the tools to decode and understand CPRI, it is becoming increasingly challenging to know how operate and maintain CPRI based systems.

Equipped with 24 SPF optical signal input ports (12DL and 12UL Ports), iSpectrum CPRI mainly carries out two functions:

  • – CPRI analysis: Code Violation (CV), Loss of Frame (LOF), optical power Level.
  • – Translation of the enigmatic and unfamiliar CPRI properties to all too familar RF domain.RF spectrum monitioring.


The CPRI iSpectrum retains all the functions of the iSpectrum 2G-IS24, including but not limited to, 24/7 spectrum recording, alarm triggered video alarm for channel power and floor rise, and DL demodulation.


The CPRI iSpectrum is the perfect solution to monitor the network health of fronthaul traffic.

Key Features

– CPRI option 3 support

– RF Spectrum display depends on CPRI frame (Sampling rate & BW)

– Noise floor and channel power measurement and alarms

– Spectrum recording through internal 1TB HDD

– +27V or -48V DC power input capable

– Daisy chain for multiple unit connection