All airplanes need a black box (flight data recorder). Don’t all DAS sites need the iSpectrum?

Dubbed as the BlackBox of DAS, the newly improved second generation iSpectrum 2G-IS24 retains the famed original iSpectrum’s DNA while adding great new features such as 24/7 spectral recording, DL demodulation, KPI Reporting and many more. The 2G-IS24 not only provides live spectral view for remote spectrum analysis sector-by-sector but also is an essential day-to-day operational tool to diagnose and troubleshoot in order to maintain optimal network performance.

Key Features

  • – Downlink and Uplink frequency support within 650 MHz to 2.7 GHz
  • – Provides real-time spectrum display of selected frequencies for consistent monitoring and signal analysis
  • – SNMP based alarm notifications are sent out automatically
  • – Noise floor and channel power measurement and alarms
  • – Alarm triggered spectrum recordings (pre- and post-event)
  • – Continuous spectrum recording with internal 1TB HDD
  • – Spectrum replay for post processing and trend analysis
  • – Dual port display with split screen for MIMO ports
  • – 2D/3D spectrogram display for intermittent interference detection
  • – Power and noise floor trending graphs with automated KPI reporting
  • – DL LTE demodulation: Cell ID, Channel Power, EVM, RSRP, RSRQ

Common iSpectrum Use Cases


  • -Performance Base lining
  • -Site Commissioning
  • -TX Demodulation
  • -Pre/Peak/Post Event Monitoring
  • -Monitoring RF live response to network changes
  • -Optimization, Test, and Turn-Up Support


  • -Uplink RX Noise Floor Rise Proactive Performance Alarming
  • -Uplink and Downlink Power Threshold Monitoring
  • -Custom KPI Performance Alarming
  • -Real-Time Spectral Viewing vs. Operation System Performance Delayed Monitoring
  • -Email & SNMP Alarming


  • -Remote connectivity for live Spectral Viewing to reduce site visits
  • -Identifying spectral issues with “Mug Shots”
  • -Reporting capabilities to share identified issues quickly and effectively
  • -Interference alarming, identification, and positional tracking

Automatic KPI Venue Performance Reporting

  • – The iSpectrum KPI Dashboard displays performance at a glance with fully customized reporting options.
  • – KPI Reports can be run via the GUI as well as emailed directly to you for effortless venue management.
  • – The iSpectrum now has AI to gauge performance.