Analyze your RF spectrum virtually at any time and expand your monitoring capability with iSpectrum

iSpectrum is an innovative solution to challenges such as growing uplink noise rise and hard-to-detect interferences. Asymmetric increase in uplink data traffic wreaks great havoc on your network performances. In many cases uplink capacity saturates first than downlink. Raised noise floor negatively impacts the already strained network capacities. As if this is not enough of a problem to be tackled, ubiquitous wireless devices such as all kinds of Wi-Fi devices, wireless microphones, pirate boosters and amplifiers throw a curve at you causing intermittent interference issues impacting your signal qualities or sometimes bringing your system down. .
iSpectrum drastically reduces the number of site visits. Some of our customers reported that they completely eliminated routine site visits after the installation of iSpectrum. Even when they have to send technicians, thanks to iSpectrum, they will be better equipped with proper pre-knowledge and equipment that they need to fix the issues. This translates into less time spent on site to fix problems and more system up-time. Some customers testified that thanks to the iSpectrum during major sports events, they could monitor the network performances at the comfort of their houses instead of physically being at the telecom room for hours during the ball game. Some reported due to security concerns they were denied access to a huge political gathering. With iSpectrum they were able to overcome this access issue easily. The stories of how our customers use iSpectrum to their benefits go on and on.

Following are a few reference sites where our customers use the iSpectrum to their great benefits:

  • - Petco Park
  • - KC Arrowhead Stadium
  • - US Airways Arena
  • - ASU Stadium
  • - Miami Dolphins Stadium
  • - Dallas Cowboys Stadium
  • - Las Vegas Convention Center
  • - Cardinals Stadium
  • - Kentucky Derby/Churchill Downs
  • - Panthers Stadium
  • - UC Berkeley
  • - Detroit, Michigan
  • - ATT Park
  • - Kentucky Speedway
  • - KS Speedway
  • - Century Link Field
  • - BYU
  • - Children’s Mercy Hospital