About Sym

SYM is a prefix meaning “together” as in Symbiosis, Symphony, and Symphysis. SYM Technology, Inc. envisions a world where we grow “together” with our customers, vendors, and our employees. We believe that these three “legs” must firmly stand together to make SYM Technology a viable, sustainable and thriving company.



Left shows a Chinese hierogliph representing a pot which has three legs. The ancient Chinese knew that a three-legged object was more structually stable than four-legged. It can stand on even and uneven surfaces better. SYM understands that our success stands on three legs: our customers, our vendors and our employees.
SYM is passionate about our mission. Our mission is rapid innovations to solve challenges faced by our customers. For this we know that our innovations must be based on deep customer insights and this can be achieved only by closely listening to our customers.


SYM, as a corporate citizen, takes full responsibility in our society. We will keep bringing good things to our increasingly globally connected society through innovations. We will bring good things by our ingenuity not by mimicking someone else’s creativity. We believe that our innovations and ingenuity will further the well being of our customers, vendors and ourselves all-together all at the same time. With SYM, we can grow together.